sobota, 1 września 2012

Macarons, casual stuff and Lord of the Rings!

I was too lazy to post regularly so today
a mix from all week^^

Let's start with the photo
of delicious marzipan macarons  ^.^

New things. 
Just some causal stuff.

And the photo of me and Abby-
Lolita from England
who I met by chance in Cracow^^
Thank you sweetie for the nice time:3

And now finally 
Lord of the Rings marathon <333
Yes, 12 hours of watching!
All night in the world full of magic.
It is an indescribable feeling.
Finally you are just floating between images.
You do not watch it.
You participate in it. You start living there.
I feel my love for Middle-Earth reviving.
Oh seems that elves era is coming^^

My full outfit^^
(well... glasses were a necessity)

My eyes hurt so much
after coming back home,
but I still started reading Silmarillion until
felling asleep^^

I love this feeling...
when you are absorbed
by something so deeply
that the rest is loosing its meaning.
Let's escape how far it is possible.

And to make my blog prettier
the photo of our gorgeous prince Legolas :3

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