poniedziałek, 17 października 2011

Silent jealousy

My today's mood can be described by a song
Silent jealousy (X-Japan).
Here are lyrics:

I'm looking for you
Trying to reach your roses
Carried away by the time
when being smashed by a maddening silence

You've gone away
From the stage
Leaving no words
There's just fake tears left
I look for a bouquet of roses decorated by pearls of fiction

I'm blind insane
In the red of silence
Now I've lost your love

a puppet fed by a illusssional love

Get me on my feet
Get me back to myself
Pretend you love me
look at me dyed in a scarlet up to my fingertips

I can not stand this serenade of loneliness
floating in a sea of virtual images
even if I hold my feelings
a bloodstained angel
has already woken up from a dream
I can not stop

Silent Jealousy
Don't you leave me alone
Falling into a sadness
decorated by a love that can not come back
in a middle of repetitive loneliness

Tell me true Wherever I go
I can learn to love this pain
I still want your love Stop this love
Erase the memory blooming into madness

I just wanted to stay with you
I just wanted to feel your breath of grace
I didn't know what to do
I couldn't say anything
When consciousness returned
Everything had been washed away
by the tide of time, even you
But the scars of memory never fade away
I can't stop loving you
Stop my tears
Stop my loving
Kill my memories

You dyed my heart in blood
No way to kill my sadness
Before leaving kill me
I am not able to see anything by my eyes
full of mad love
even now I miss you
Can't live without you

Silent Jealousy Falling in a dream
the memory that I hold
Stay in yesterday stop the time
Erase this repetitve loneliness

Take me back to the memory, to the dream

Silent Jealousy
Don't you leave me alone
Falling into a sadness
Kill me, Love

(Japanese part translated by me
sorry for a bad style, but
I do not have an experience with songs)

Still thinking about Kamijo...
or rather two Kamijos...
I love them in very different way,
but I still love them both^^
Like two different people...

My depression continues...
but thanks to my friends I feel much better.
Not everything is lost yet!
I am really happy to have such amazing friends...
I am not even worth them... 

And I read in tumlbr 
that before Versailles concert in France
flyers about Satsuki's concert
were distributed!
*nervously waiting for news*
Next dreamed concert?

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  1. trzymaj się! i nie depresjuj ;) ściskam!

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