piątek, 21 października 2011

Rose lipgloss

I forgot to post them before^^
My two new rose lipgloss^^

This one is from my sis Kira
Pure Desir de Rose
from Yves Rocher
It can be used as perfumes as well^^
We put it on out artificial roses
for Versailles concert^^

And the second one is from Wibo's rose collection^^

Its top is specially beautiful.

Their cosmetics are not so good,
but it all looks so cute
I would still buy it!

And changing topic
I have read quite good article about lolita today^^
It is really difficult to find objective article in mass media.

You may not be sure what you are looking at if you spot a woman 
wearing doll-like clothing, 
highly detailed accessories such as patterned stockings or ruffled cuffs, 
small hats, and long curled, flowing hair. 
Does she carry a small purse with handles? 
Does her clothing seem as if it's come from another century?

You've seen your first Lolita.

Check it here^^

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