piątek, 14 października 2011

New shoes!

My general mood is terribly...
depressed... angry... so frustrated
or kill one person...
Finally my shoes have arrived!
I reserved them in clobbaonline
in November (yes! LAST YEAR!).
When they were finally released two months ago 
I asked them for a hold as I was not prepared for paying 
(I almost forgot about them XD) 
and then I got a message that they sent it by a mistake 
and I do not even need to hurry with the final payment!

So after one year they are finally mine!

They arrived together wit DoL headbow..
I bought it specially to match my brand skirt...
but OMG this headbow is so ugly
that it almost made me laugh!
I will think twice before I will order anything from DoL again...

You can see here
how neglectful it is made...
and this metal headband....

My outfit from today
with new shoes^^
I have found this old pink fur
in my wardrobe^^
I think it makes an outfit more elegant.

And with my rose light <333

5 komentarzy:

  1. no, pojechali z tym headbowem:D możesz sobie opaskę wymienić, chyba nie jest przyszyta...:D

  2. Opaskę mogę wymienić, ale chyba niewiele to pomoże XD

  3. Zawsze możesz poprosić, żebym ci nową zrobiła xDD