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I have started to read this manga, well let's be sincere,
just because of the one character that is a Gothic Lolita,
but in fact it is a quite good story about loneliness.

Three students and one teacher talk on a chat room
about their problems and they decide to blow up the school. 
They are able to continue living just because they have a vision of X-Day
when they are going to realize their plan. 

It has just two volumes, but characters 
are showed in a really authentic way. 
Mr Money is beaten by his miserable mother
and he accepts such treatment, because he feels guilty
for ruining her life and wants to be useful.
Jangalian tries to escape from reality and is stalked
by his boss's daughter. 

11 has stopped training track because of her injury 
and sees how on her eyes a younger girl 
takes her position and additionally her bf has left her.

And for the end Polaris,
which interested me the most.
She is a really shy and lost girl
who is able to be self-confident 
only when she wears Lolita clothes.

In fact three first people
are having quite real problems,
but Polaris seems 
to be worried over seemingly small things
(but isn't the routine of life what makes us depressed the most?).
And in fact she is the one that tries to commit suicide 
in the beginning of the manga.

Jupiter's tale (her fav band) is breaking out.
The watch that I loved broke!
I got into another fight with my father this morning!
A girl sitting across from me looked at me and laughed!
I don't want to be on the rush hour train anymore!

Rika: How can such little things keep hurting you so much?

Maybe finally they will be able to help each other.
And they will delay X-Day until the far future. 

Scans taken from here

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