środa, 19 października 2011

Kyou no mii

(Me from today)
Sorry for Japanese, but I love 
when Kamijo writes it on his blog 
(me in katakana) XD

I know that not everybody will like 
this coord,
but as for me this striped scarf looks great^^ 
It adds a little punkish accent 
(together with the jacket)
to the sweet dress^^

And playing with puricute again^^

I am in so good mood today!
The day was long and boring
(three hours about Thales of Miletus...
OhMyGackt give me power...
I feel it perfectly now that
I study on the philosophy department...)
but then one mail made me smile...
hmmm too light word!
I am in seven heaven
and life got its perspectives again^^
By just one mail!
For the future: never lose hope!

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