poniedziałek, 16 stycznia 2012

Shopping... so black!

The day started really badly...
I forgot to take my Versailles bracelet (for the first time)....
and I was late for a Japanese test....
Anyway on the test we were going to write about an interesting custom
and I wrote about bringing roses to Versailles concert.
It was kind of an atonement.
I will try to forgive myself.
Snow was falling so beautifully today 
that in fact I was not able to continue my anger too long.

Then I went to H&M to buy super-famous fawn collar.
As expected: all were sold out. 
But still I have found quite nice white muffler
and black bow necklace.

And then I bought black fur muffler in Orsay^^
(I love fake fur things so much <333)

And black hair ties in Diva^^
I like their material.
Reminds me a little of Baby ribbon.

And here is me in a new muffler^^

Looking at this pic made me realize
how much I love such elegant blackXpink coords^^
Maybe even more than full pink sweet ones. 

Oh I would forget! 
Kitty USB mouse ^^

4 komentarze:

  1. ahww the kitty is soo cute!
    Ohh I have to go shopping! I want such plush soft collar too!! * ___ *

  2. Oh my, whr did you buy such cute mouse~? *o*

  3. Śliczne rzeczy <3
    Uwielbiam futerkowe dodatki <3