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The Nutcracker ballet

Let's write a few words about The Nutcracker ballet
I saw yesterday.

Maybe I will skip details about how me and Hatsu were sitting in wrong seats all 1st act...
OMG such mistakes... so me >.<

The stage was terribly. It was small and gray.
What's more: there was not even a curtain...
all technical equipment was visible and destroying the magical atmosphere....
Auditorium Maximum is a good place for lectures or conferences.. but OMG not for ballet...
I would like to say that I will never see any ballet here again,
but this would probably be a lie, because I have no choice.......
And they did not even change decoration....not even once....
Well it is even difficult to name it decoration....

Let's skip to the ballet itself.
It was original. I mean it was not very faithful to the book (but it is nothing new),
but what's more it was not faithful to the original choreography either.

If I got it correctly they changed the Land of Sweets to the Land of Flowers
(Clara found flowers after waking up)
and I am not sure if I like this change...
Sweets were always an integral part of the Nutcracker
and I simply can not imagine the ballet without it...
But still all these fancy dresses, specially pink ones,
were so candy-like that without a problem I was reading them as sweets.
And I will not accept other interpretations.

Then.. is this strange role of Drosselmeyer who seemed to woo Clara...
the same way the Nutcracker Prince does...
Well... Drosselmeyer should be Clara's Godfather so I do not get the point...
Well... but if he would be the Drosselmeyer's nephew...
that would be very interesting... freaking amazing!

 In the book the ending is very candy-like.
So the Nutcracker Prince turns out to be the Drosselmeyer's nephew
who is charmed away from being the old and ugly Nutcracker
and can marry Clara and rules over the Land of Sweets.
But if they were two different people and what is more they would compete for Clara...
Drosselmeyer from reality and the Nutcracker Prince from dreams...
OMG I like this idea. I like it so much that I have hot flushes >.<
Clara definitely chooses the Prince and even after waking up
she is taking the Nutcracker to her hands with a smile.
She seems to say: If it all was just a dream then I want to come back there.

This is probably a misinterpretation, but I have a full right to do it.

In the book there is a unity between reality and dreams.
They finally become one, but in my interpretation there is such a dilemma
and Clara chooses dreams and Prince who is gone (or rather who has never been real).

Okay I will leave the rest of my tittle-tattle for myself and go to some summary.

Colors, technique and dancing dreams.
Maybe the Nutcracker has too many chaotic group scenes
and dance after dance sequences
(I generally do not like to many divertissements,
 because it makes me feel like on a dance competition but here it has its meaning),
but all of them suited perfectly and has its part in creating the dream atmosphere
and the main plot of the story.

But still the best part was perfect pas de deux.
It was exactly this moment when I thought it is too beautiful I can not stand it.
Feast for my eyes has suddenly changed its character
and the perception gained second level.
Still darker Swan Lake is the source of much more passionate emotions,
but the Nutcracker was able to take my breath away.
And Pas de deux has stolen my heart with no return.

Oh I would forget about one thing! My new beloved instrument: celesta.
It sounds like a music box :3

Photos were forbidden
so I put here pictures from the book.
Jan Marcin Szancer was a Polish book illustrator
who was capable of expressing fairy tales atmosphere perfectly :3

Here is me and Hatsu...
congrats for a guy who took this photo...
so blurry...

And our candies bracelets :3
Land of Sweet !

My general motif was candies
so I put them everywhere.
Bracelet, necklace, ring and even bag.
To make more princessy look
I added gloves and the curly wig.
Lady from the Land of Sweets.

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  1. your outfit is so cute!!

    And the ballet looked magical!

  2. Thank you so much!
    Oh yes it was *.*