niedziela, 16 grudnia 2012

Andy Warhol's exhibition

Some pics from Andy Warhol's exhibition in Cracow.
Photos are not representative (as always).
I rather chose what I found most interesting for myself. 

Warhol was fascinated by Shirley Temple
so here is her photo with an autograph for him.
Next to it you can see Shirley cut-out pictures
which were quite popular at this time.

Flowers look somehow creepy.
He wanted so badly to create emotionless art,
but sometimes he failed in my opinion. 
You see the awfulness and horror of rotting
very clearly here. 

What I found specially interesting was his passion for collecting things.
It reminded me of Lestat... :3
He produced his works in masses, but at the same time
was collecting single, different things.
Was it really possible that he was just taking them 
out their context and coldly standing one next to another?
I am just thinking if this is really possible...
or this is just beyond my understanding. 

Now go to Warhol's books:
Pink cats^^

And now part of the bittersweet cat story.

For the end something unrelated.
I bought a postcard...
but from an old exhibition...XD:3
Still worth posting^^

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