środa, 26 grudnia 2012

The Hobbit... finally :3

Yesterday I finally saw The Hobbit :3
Christmas Day in Middle Earth ^^
Oh waited so long for this movie^.^

As it was a pre-release
I received two posters :3
(Polish premier is on 28th)

I can not rate this movie objectively.
Just seeing Middle Earth
made me think..
oh I am home..how nice to come back here... how nice...

Well... I could point a few things 
that I did not like 
(e.g overdrawn dwarfs heroism, too many new plots),
but still I was satisfied from the final result.
General feeling has won over all small minuses.

And my new crush :3 Lindir ;3

Falling in love with someone who appears
in two scenes?
Fangirl logic XD Do not try to understand :>

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