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Peau d'Ane and Franck Sorbier

To conceal you, the donkey's skin will be an admirable disguise, for when you are inside it, 
no one will believe that anyone so beautiful could be hidden in anything so frightful.

For sure you know the fairy tale
Donkey skin by Charles Perrault
(read about different versions of it 
on this amazing blog).
Generally my post is more about the French musical (1970)
Peau d'Âne
based on the mentioned tale.

At first glance you will think
that it is a random fairy tale
full of gorgeous castles, dresses and sweets songs.
The sweet sound of French even doubles the final effect.
But when you continue watching it
you will find it more and more alarming.
Everything will be exaggerated and artificial, but
the saccharine images 
will rather cause a disturbance
than a sweet escape.
Of course the original tale 
 contains the motif of incest
so the gloomy feel is present from the base,
but still the movie intensifies it
and the repeating Amour, Amour song
causes some kind of mental discomfort without being able to find the meaning of it.
(Generally songs build the atmosphere of the movie perfectly. 
My fav one is the prince and princess love song here)

Something is incorrect.
And I am not talking about the king's forbidden desire.
Maybe it is the strange impression, which I can not stop thinking about,  
that all these characters are like marionettes.
Their decisions, choices, desires are controlled by someone.
I felt like watching puppet theater.
Not only they do what they are told,
but they feel what they are told and they are not even aware of it. 
(Do they feel at all?)
Well it ends with a happy end at least. 
Strings were pulled with such a precision!

In this tale (and the movie) dresses play important part
as the princess tries to discourage her father
from marring her by asking him for three stunning dresses:
in the color of the sky, moon and sun.
I thought that it would be an amazing idea to create such a collection 
in Lolita Fashion!
Babyssb (which is so fond of fairy tales should make it).

Franck Sorbier - designer of haute couture brand
took inspiration from the tale and created the light show on plain white dress.
Completely incredible *.*

Video here and here
(Sorry for all these links,
but this is useful for me to quickly find some stuff later:P)

A juxtaposition of opposites, of paradoxes, is often what the Dreamer looked like. 
Franck Sorbier is a contradiction and a combination of real pure dreamer.

I checked more his designs
and I am in love^^

Examples *.*

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