niedziela, 9 grudnia 2012

Opera's Open Day, caramel apples and carousel

Opera's Open Day <333
All photos here are shamelessly 
stolen from Elluin and Imaginary XD
I had photo-lazy-day...

We took part in free events:
-New Year's concert rehearsal
-Ballet studio show
-and rehearsal of Little Lord musical
(it had its global premier in Cracow year ago).

So much fun and laugh <3
Little girls dancing on point
were so adorable. 
The same was a boy who played Little Lord.
Oh :3 

We were also allowed 
to try on clothes !

Hats :333

 My fav one XD hahah XD

And now: Lladia in her heaven <3

Then we went to ride on this lovely carousel 
I posted some time ago <333

And this reminded me of...
before Gackt concert in Paris :333
Memories -.-

Then we went to shopping center
and found this XD

then... caramel apples.
They were too bitter...

Christmas is getting closer and closer :3

On Santa Claus chair ^.^

2 komentarze:

  1. Ta paryska karuzela taka ładna... i nie ma tych miotełek na głowach D:

  2. Czapki wymiatają.A to Gangam style mi już bokiem wychodzi.Nie wiem co ludzie w tym widzą,mnie nie wciągnęło.