sobota, 15 grudnia 2012

Xmas is coming and hot chocolate

Xmas, Xmas everywhere.
Suddenly everything is sparkling and full of lights :3


Hahah PSY army XD

My fav card I received so far^^
It looks so fairy tale like :3

Together with my friend I went to drink hot chocolate.

It was just one week before Christmas and was really cold outside
or maybe she just felt cold, because her coat was too fine.
She and her friend were looking for a place to come in and then finally they entered
a small and warm cafe which was decorated with pictures 
of chocolate in colorful frames, sparking Xmas balls and fake pearls chains.
They decided to order hot chocolate which has this magic power to warm you up
from the inside. Then they just chose a place to sit and talked about random things.
Such an ordinary situation, but you know this feeling, right?
This normal and quiet happiness when you feel relaxed 
and satisfied with a simply moment.
You can complain and say how tired, angry or bored you are,
but in fact at this moment you do not feel any of it. 
Or at least at this moment it really does not matter.

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