niedziela, 24 marca 2013

Ariadne auf Naxos

Today I went to see Ariadne auf Naxos,
quite new Strauss opera (1916 for the 2nd version).

With Kaha

I knew how crazy mix this opera contains
(opera seria with... commedia dell'arte?!),
but still I did not expect such a high absurd level xD

Of course there were moments when I really enjoyed it,
but still this is not what I am looking for in opera stories.
Worth mentioning are amazing soprano parts
which make your heart beat with unmeasurable speed,
but still it is not enough.
Even stage design was not 
enough to satisfy me. 
Well.. maybe Ariadne's laments
were able to make me forget all other lacks for a while.
Oh yes, I love pain expressed by singing.
Aestheticized pain.

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