czwartek, 28 marca 2013

Marie Antoinette jsk arrived

My Marie Antoinette jsk arrived the day before yesterday..
and it made me cry...
My most dreamed dress...
finally I've found it on egl...
and it was supposed to be in a perfect condition,
but it was not..
After visiting laundry the dress
looks almost perfect now
(it was just a dirt not stains)
but still I will never forgive a person who 
exposed me to such stress..
Leave it...

Just look how gorgeous this print is!

(so you can understand my reason behind buying this dress,
but most important cause lies in its beauty of course!)
still actual after such a long time....

Here is me in the dress.
But this dress is jsk version.. (even if it has sleeves)
 and it is SO open
on arms, back... I feel so naked in it >.<
I think that I will wear it with blouses only...

For the end the pic from yesterday^^
Easter break is too short so me and my friend started eating cakes earlier :3
Let them eat cake :3

3 komentarze:

  1. wow, przepiękna sukienka ;)

  2. Congratulation this is pretty old baby's dress !

  3. Śliczna.