sobota, 18 sierpnia 2012

Beauty and the Rose promise, smily food and Fiore shoes

I will start with my Beauty
that arrived today^.^
This is the most gorgeous piece
I have ever had.
Even my grandma was shocked
how beautiful it is !
I will wear it 
on my master thesis defense^^
This is my first AatP dress
so I feel that it is some kind of 
me growing into
more mature version of Lolita.
Still cute, but much more elegant^^
Next big step will be my first Innocent world dress:3

And some details ^^

And now some daily spam^^
I love cute food <333

"Don't play with your food!!!"

Hmmm why not XD ?

My outfit from today^^

I took a walk with my mom
and saw the cutest optician shop ^^

And for the end my new Fiore shoes^^
Found in second-hand! Veery cheap^^

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  1. Sukienka ładna,piękne detale.Cicha zabawne jakby tylko mówiły"Zjedz mnie!". Nice shoes baby ;-)