piątek, 10 sierpnia 2012

Kitty cupcake, more cake and We Don't Care About Music Anyway.

Cupcake corner made special Kitty cupcake ^^
I was running so fast to buy it before work.
Yummy and cute <333

Eyes full of desire XD

And a full photo
to show rather my extensions than my casual outfit.
So colorful^^

I also met with friends and ... more cake an ice creams!!!

So many sweets today^^

We went to a cinema 
to see a movie
We Don't Care About Music Anyway.
It was going to be about an independent Japanese music scene.
Well... it was just a noise for me.
Terribly noise...
and I finished with a terribly headache...
It was the first time that I was not able to see a movie
to the end
and I left the cinema....
I understand ideas of this people...
they were talking quite sensibly...
but I do NOT see any expressions of their ideas
in their... whatever it is
(a music is not a proper word...).
You like doing it - do,
but far from me.
What for do I need something so ugly, disgusting and chaotic?
I will never understand such things...
all kinds of postmodern art is a mystery for me.
And I do not need a solution for it!
You want to show a modern world in your ...music?
Do it, but aesthetize it...
Show memories, pain, longing,
but not in such form.
What for showing the world 
we want to escape from?
Oh my head.....

At least the cinema was nice^^

Check the trailer of this movie
and I am going to listen to harpsichord
before going to sleep.
Just to calm all this noise in my head.

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