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A ballet and dances in XVIII century

The Court dance festival in Cracow!

And today I attended a performance 
A ballet and dances in XVIII century.

My outfit was more classic^^

And here with "my wife^^

And with Imaginary
just before the performance.
Love this pic <333

Now something more about the show.
I was really excited, 
because I planned to see
The Cracovia Danza Court Ballet
for quite a while
and finally it was going to happen.
And what's more: on a special event
and together with foreign guests. 
My favourite part were court ballets 
to Mozart's music.
Two dancers specially caught my eye:
Alicja Petrus- she had this kind of evanescence 
I admire in every dancer
and Sławomir Greś.
Oh, he really charmed me!
Not only his smoothness was flawless,
but also the way he acted  his role.
He was the type all court is in love with-
like Vicomte from Dangorous Liaisons.
This is the one who will steal your heart- I thought.
Suddenly I caught myself writing stories in my head about him XD

Then Idomeneo-Chaconne was presented.
This is an interpretation of Mozart's Idomeneo
with an only one dancer.
Instead of showing a conflict between gods and a man
it refers to a conflict between Mozart and his father
and in this case even stronger between Gaetan and Auguste Vestris-
which represent a young and old styles in ballet.
Costumes worn by a dancer Rainer Krenstetter
symbolize this two different trends in XVIII ballet.

This part specially touched me, because:
-Rainer Krenstetter was pretty awesome
-I have a special sentiment for Auguste Vestris. 
Well... he was the one who made a first step to turn ballet
into a romantic era, he was the teacher of Petipa and Taglioni......
and the second reason...

*my fangirl time*
he was born in 1760!!!
Like Lestat!!!
He was famous around 1780 in Paris Ballet
so around the time when Lestat moved to Paris
and was attending ballet performances!!!
Lestat had to see him dancing!!!
*fangirl mode end*

Anyway I really love how this performance
moved me into a different century.
Call it a camp, I do not care.
This is a way to enter another world even if just for a while.
Of course that my view on XVIII is strongly 
idealized and romanticized...
I love the image which in fact never existed in such a form,
but I do not look for a truth (at least not always).
I look for a fantasy. 

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  1. Piękne zdjęcia *o* Lladio kochana, co ty takiego robisz, że jesteś coraz to chudsza? >.<

  2. Dziękuję^^
    Ja się ciągle odchudzam XD No ale do wymarzonej wagi jeszcze ciągle mi brakuje >.<