czwartek, 30 czerwca 2011

KissXXXX !!!

Finally I have read KissXXXX by Kusumoto Maki.
Or at least first 14 chapters that are translated.
I doubt that translation will go on.....
My life is senseless...

This manga is amazing! 
Some people perceive it as a root for Lolita Fashion.
In fact main female character Kameno wears clothes 
that look more like otome than lolita, 
but some coords can be perceived as early lolita style. 
And manga was created before lolita fashion was popular or even known! 
She is a high school girl whose brother is a bassist of visual kei band 
and she fell in love with a vocal of her brother's band. 
This guy is soo cool that when reading it I felt this heart-beating 
which I have when looking at real vk musicians^^

She is very cute, innocent, naive and weird. 
Very loliable in fact.
 I love a scene when she kissed Kanon thinking that it is just a dream^^
All story is straight and does not have any special plot. 
It just presents band members and their life. Do I need more?

Hakuei from Penicillin seemed to be inspired by this manga. 
Some outfits are straightly taken from it.
You can see it here
He also made song KissXXXX ^^
He is really a big fan of this manga^^
In fact his general image reminds me of Kanon as well. 

This manga is really simply shojo, 
but for those in love with lolita fashion, visual kei and concert 
it is definitely something worth reading^^
Eh it was amazing when Kameno went for Kanon's concert the first time. 
Her brother said that Kanon's voice is something that can give you 
torihada (goosebumbs).
She didn't understand, but then she was like:

And then:

How good I understand her^^ 

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