wtorek, 14 czerwca 2011

Alice Candy

I am absolutely in love with my new Baby T-shirt♥
It is called Alice Candy.
This is the stock photo.

I bought it to match my Alice and Black cat skirt.
Now I realized that it matches more skirts:) 
and it is more adorable than I thought♥♥♥

Print close up:

Okashi no Kuni no Alice♥
Alice from Sweetsland^^

And the back:

This menu is amazing^^
Twisted Candy without Beginning or Ending
Glaffy (?) Strawberry Marshmallow with Cream
Chocolate Egg with Only Junk inside

So my outfit from today:

But to make this coord better I need:
♥ Alice and black cat headband
♥ RHS shoes
♥ red-white stripped socks
So next shopping planes ^^ 

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