środa, 8 czerwca 2011

Aesthetics, kawaii, Gackt's tickets and new lenses

Today was a day under the name of transcultural
aesthetics of Japan and China.
In the morning I had oral exam from this subject (had to wait long time) 
and then I had a presentation about kawaii.
I really hate talking in public so even if I love this topic
I was stressed. 
I thought that it is going to be short, but I was allowed to talk as much as I wanted. 
Generally not only about kawaii, but also lolis and jrock.
People seemed interested in it. 
(probably people studying here are interested in everything connected with cultures XD)
Badly I was not mentally prepared to talk about it all so 
I forgot to say  thousands of things and feel guilty now.
It is always like that. I just can not concentrate my thoughts properly 
in front of so many people T.T
But generally I showed them Kaya's cute way of speaking 
and then Versailles PV. 
(I had no idea that I will be able to show such things! If I had known 
I would prepare Masquerade! Masquerade on a big scream!!!
I would melt... 
Btw I melt anyway. Hope they did not see my stupid expression.
I think they somehow enjoyed it. 
One guy even said "let's watch more pvs"^^
One girl after seeing Kaya asked
"For who is it? Can girls be attracted to them?" 
I was afraid to not fell into fangirl's mood in front of my teacher and all people 
so I just said "yes". I felt my eyes sparkling. XD

Such hot day. Tired... And I should learn for tomorrow's exam about anime. 

BTW they safely arrived♥♥♥

And my new contact lenses. 15 mm.
I chose grey this time. But they somehow look more like green:/

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  1. :) no proszę i kolejna już ma bilety :D gratulacje i do zobaczenia :)