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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Finally I read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz after so many years.
I always preferred Alice than Dorothy.
I just can not understand her.
She lived in grey prairie and dull house
and had nothing interesting to do. 
Her uncle and aunt were just like their surrounding.
They never laughed.
Why was she so persistent to come back there
if she could stay in 
magic Oz's land?
It was always a big question for me...

  Alice followed white rabbit 
from her own will
and Dorothy was just taken by cyclone:/

Even so I have found in the book
two specially interesting plots.
First is all story about Oz. 
He was able to give Scarecrow,
Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion
what they wanted even if he was not
a real wizard at all.
I know it is not an original plot, 
but this sentence really appealed to me:
 How can I help being a humbug, he said, when all these people make me do
things that everybody knows can't be done?
They all knew that Oz does not have any magical power
but still they wanted to be deceived. 
Sometimes truth is not important at all.
We need sweet lies in which we believe
what in fact make 
them somehow a truth. 
Stupid example.
I see beautiful absolutely cool jrocker on a stage.
Somehow inside I know 
he is not so pretty in real
and all this coolness is just a game.
But who at all cares?
Emerald city without glasses
is just a normal boring city.
But when you put on them
everything changes and this is the only
thing that matters to us.

The next think that I have found very interesting 
was The Dainty China country.
I have to admit that I have forgotten that
such chapter was there at all. 
This country is all made from porcelain.
Beautiful and very delicate.
One careless move and
everything can be broken.
Dorothy has met pretty china princess 
and would like to take her to Kansas.
This is what princess answered:

That would make me very unhappy, answered the china
Princess. You see, here in our country we live
contentedly, and can talk and move around as we please.
But whenever any of us are taken away our joints at once
stiffen, and we can only stand straight and look pretty. Of
course that is all that is expected of us when we are on
mantels and cabinets and drawing-room tables, but our
lives are much pleasanter here in our own country.

I have found this plot really cute 
and it made me think about Seimu as well^^

I think that Dainty China Country would 
be a perfect motif for a dress.
Something similar to these postcard

Baby made once Wizard Oz inspired dress
but I do not like it all.

This print is too small and look strange.
I hope they will make another dress
in a style similar to Cinderella jewelry 
and Scent of Rapunzel.

I have also though about an outfit
inspired by Dorothy's one:
gingham dress with checks of white and blue
pink sunbonnet
little basket
silver shoes

So perfect country lolita ^^
Baby's Dobby check OP

 or Bodyline's

So gorgeous♥
I want it for summer♥♥♥
Oh photo shoot in a village with scarecrow etc
would be absolutely amazing♥

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