poniedziałek, 27 czerwca 2011

Usakumya-chan in Paris

I saw this print just a few days ago.

The first I wanted T-shirt, but just yesterday I saw 
that a bag is for sale on lj.
Oh my destiny

It is just a tote bag,
but I do not remember being so happy♥

I remember this day very well.
It was almost one year ago.
A day before Gackt's concert.
Me and my friend visited Angelic Pretty's store
and then we were wandering 
through Paris's streets.
We were so excited and 
upcoming day still seemed like a dream♥
We were eating ice creams (^_^)
under Eiffel Tour and
then I saw this carousel.

Carousel close to Eiffel Tour^^

Whenever I will see this bag 
I will think about this day again^^
One of this precious memories.

Yes. I will definitely wear this bag 
on Gackt's concert in Warsaw
and nobody will understand
why I associate Gackt
with cute bunny-bear on a carousel♥♥♥

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