piątek, 17 czerwca 2011

Unico in Bloomland will make your dreams come true!

I still do not have so many dresses so I do not want to 
buy a few prints with the same motif.
So only one dresses with teddy bears, one with bunnies
and now it is time for ponies/unicorns.

Here are three prints I like:

And newest 
Unico in Bloomland

And the winner is:
Baby's print has won :DDD
Definitely Unico is now before 
SC and Twinkle journey!
I like it in all colors except black.

Take a look at print's close up.

This unicorn in the middle 
looks like she would like to kiss me.
It reminded me of Novala's poem.

So tie on your head dress above a corsett constrained body,
Train a panie under your skirt and then, if you stand before the mirror,
Will a unicorn appear to bestow a kiss of blessing upon your cheek.

Yes I want to kiss the unicorn ^_^

Unico in Bloomland sounds amazing.
Unico like this Tezuka's character 
created for Sanrio^_^
In this anime/manga Unico has special power of
making dreams come true.
But every time Unico realizes someone's dream 
he is punished by gods
who think that dreams
should be realized by years of sacrifices
and hard work not just
by meeting unicorns....

This print is also called 
by me Kamijo's print.
Do not ask why. 
Just an effect of crazy talk yesterday XD

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