niedziela, 11 listopada 2012

Wawel, Xmas tree and some daily spam

All week without blogging?!
Such a shame!

What's going in my life?

First: Lestat <3
I have tons of books to read, 
but I read Vampire Chronicles again >.<
Reality seems successively lost again :3

In my isolation now I dream of finding some sweet young thing 
in a moonlighted chamber-one of those tender teenagers, 
as they call them now, who read my book and listened to my songs; 
one of the idealistic lovelies who wrote me fan letters on scented paper, 
during that brief period of ill-fated glory, talking of poetry
and the power of illusion, saying she wished I was real; 
I dream of stealing into her darkened room, where
maybe my book lies on a bedside table, with a pretty velvet marker in it, 
and I dream of touching her shoulder and smiling as our eyes meet. 
"Lestat! I always believed in you. I always knew you would come!"

I clasp her face in both hands as I bend to kiss her. 
"Yes, darling," I answer, "and you don't know how I need you, 
how I love you, how I always have.

(Queen of the damned)

What's more?
My love for ballet seems growing more and more.

Lately I was making order in court ballet dancers' costumes
(I am making my internship in the Institute of Court Ballet)
and I could touch all these gorgeous outfits.
I am sure that I was born in wrong era >.<
This thought does not want to leave my mind.

Movie for this week: 
Charlie and the Chocolate factory^^
Isn't this film like a childhood dream coming true?

Everything on this pic is eatable.
This is the place that every child would sell their soul for XD

Last thing:
I just want to say thank you for 
the person who made this valentine.
It made me so happy ^^

And now: something from yesterday^^

Our cultural group went to visit Wawel castle^^ 

(just part of the group)

Then Halloween after- party ^.^
(these lollipops were sold out 
on Halloween so after-party was a must-do...)

Then: FLO.
They already have Christmas decorations!
Just look:

*heart attack*

Ballet Christmas tree *.*
The ballet's magic and Christmas have
a lot in common, haven't they? ^.^

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