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Hipster Princess anti-Halloween

Started my day with reading 
Queen of the Damned (again... time?).

As you probably remember in the beginning 
Lestat mentions his concert
which took place on Halloween:

Happy Halloween, vampire boys and girls.
We shall see you at the concert.
We shall see that the Vampire Lestat never leaves it.

Lestat's concert?
Dream that will never be accomplished?
Perfect Halloween is beyond my reach.
Contestation by wearing pink!

Just joking.
The real inspiration were Hipster Disney Princesses.

Hipster princesses

Apple latte

At home we continued 
our rebellion against Halloween.
Watching ponies and eating pink sweets.

Well... but Luna eclipsed ep has
quite Halloween atmosphere^^

Then: watching Nightmare before Christmas.
Love this movie :3

In fact I love Halloween.
When I think about it 
I have always something like
Tim Burton's movies on my mind.

For the end chocolate pumpkin :3

Happy Halloween
vampire boys and girls :3

I go to listen to Nightmare before Christmas soundtrack
and reading my new book about dolls ^^

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