czwartek, 29 listopada 2012

Swan Lake ballet

So a few days ago I went to Bielsko- Biala
too see Swan Lake by Russian National Ballet
together with my friend.

Yes, I am a person who take a full luggage for one day XD
Me and Rarity have really a lot in common....

I would like to write a lot about the ballet,
but it is so difficult to find proper words
(and it is not because of my poor English...
I have to admit that it is even easier, more impersonal
to write in a foreign language)...

Maybe to start with- what I did not like:
-stage was too small
-people were clapping too often.
If it comes about the second thing: 
they were supposed or even provoked to do it,
but still it was really terribly....
They were invading my fairy tale telling me 
(rather shouting!)
Hey wait, it is just the show
you can not stay there
wait just a while
and it all will be over 
and you will be made to come back to 
the world that waits for you outside!

Brutal, right?

During the first act
I was just floating in overwhelming beauty,
but as the show was going on
the thought about unavoidable end
was harder and harder to bear.

I could not stop thinking
that just a short moment divide me from the end.
If perfection exists then it can be seen in ballet.
But you can take a look at this world 
just for a moment, short moment...
and you have to prepare for the come-back.
Thank you for my friends who made this come-back easier:
spending night watching ponies <3

Here is me after the show.
Sorry for my 'I hate you world' face expression,
but this is how I felt XD

My necklace and brooch
with ballet motif.

Here is my photobook signed by dancers.
Do not ask me why it is in German XD

And for the end pearl earrings
in a rose box from my friend <3

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