sobota, 17 listopada 2012

An Cafe concert

Feel like I should write at least a few words about An Cafe concert.
Emotions are still vivid in me, but it can't be taken as an obstacle this time.
Even exactly the opposite.
These are not strongly hysterical feelings
which make me walk somewhere on nine cloud
(or in a hell...well sometimes these two are really close to each other). 

No, no.
It is just a pure joy.
 Nyappy is really back and still has a big potential to entertain us. 
Maybe I was not taken inside the crowd... maybe I was not immersed in a general craze. 
But I still fully enjoyed it with a big biiig smile during the all gig.
My inner teenage fangirl was satisfied, but also current me had a real fun!

They are such lovely babies and watching their stage behavior was so involving!
How natural Miku is in everything he does on the stage! 
How cool Kanon can behave (and he is aware of it XD). 
A little shy Takuya with his unsure face expressions! 
Oh Yuki... a real stage king. 
And Teruki – who make you feel like he is your friend from neighborhood.

Their songs do not reach my mind. 
They are not able to lead me into the beautiful world of melancholy 
and a breath- taking deepness, 
but well...they are capable of touching the innocent part of my heart 
which is free from any life's ambivalence.
Maybe it is even more difficult.
Thank you guys. 

I can't speak Polska 
– said Miku and his words will turn into a legend in our fandom. 

You don't need to – would be my answer – You have better ways to communicate with us. 

My nyappy bag^^ 

Looks like a child hereXD

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