środa, 21 listopada 2012

Ticket, book and A Midsummer Night's Dream

Lately I am in a little strange state:
I feel like I need a break from buying clothes for a while.
So here is my present for Saint Nicholas Day from my grandma.
Yes, I know that it is (a little XD) too early,
but well in December tickets would be sold out...

So my ticket for The Nutcracker ballet :3

And my dream book.
Biiig history of fashion :3

To not spam with the next post
I will also write about a play 
I saw a few days ago:
A Midsummer Night's Dream.

As you probably know it was based on Shakespeare's play, 
but well... it was performed as the part of new forms' festival 
so it was not made in a traditional way. 
I will skip explaining details about differences' with the book, 
because I do not see any point in it. 
I have a little different remarks to state. 
It was performed by Italian group (Teatro Gioco Vita & Imperfect Dancers)
in the form of shadow theater with Mendelssohn music.
The form was really beautiful and full of potential. 
Usually I say that beautiful forms are enough. Now I can add: no, not always. 
Specially... for this kind of play it was definitely not enough.

A Midsummer Night's Dream.. Dream, right? 
This play was visually beautiful, 
but please tell me where is the atmosphere of the dream? 
Shadows were such a good chance to create a masterpiece, but they were not a guaranty for it.
Choreography destroyed it all. Dance was too heavy, too close to the ground. 
All evanescence was gone. 
 Just the nice wrapping was left. 
Shakespeare's genius disappeared somewhere on the way. 
I was just watching pretty images. 
I can not explain what I expected, but I really expected it. 
Story got blurred and the essence was distorted. 
I can not understand all these applause people showed after the show. 

Anyway I still enjoyed it.
Anyway it made me borrow the book. Got sunk in all this magic. 

From today-
during gap between lectures.
Coffee, muffin and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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  1. O matko, jak ja Ci zazdroszczczczczę tej książki! Marzę o takim pełnym, pięknie ilustrowanym wydaniu! Aż się chce powtórzyć za tymi memami na demotach:MOM,PLEASE...


  2. Oo historia mody?Aż mnie zaciekawiłaś.