piątek, 16 sierpnia 2013

New dress and meow cosmetics

First of all: my new Innocent World dress
(from a trade).
It is all black and simply,
but it makes the perfect base
for many coords.
And in fact as always I am surprised 
of IW high quality.
Pics will never show its beauty
(rose lace on the collar <3).

And my first very casual coord with it.

Today also my meow cosmetics arrived :3
Oh, lately I really fell in love with them.
My friend gave me some samples of it
and they turned out to be perfect.
-No allergy- and my skin is very sensitive
so it means something
-no oily glow after an hour and
-very very light colour :3
(Lighter than random bb cream)
-It has so many shades that everybody will find 
something for themselves.
-Oh and also add the fact that all cosmetics' names are taken from cats.
Simply lovely :3

So my mineral foundation, glow powder
and lots of samples :3
*so excited to use them*

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