sobota, 9 lutego 2013

Exams, winter and small loli meet-up

Long time no writing.
It was because of this...

...yes... exams...
but I passed all of them.
In fact better than I thought
and now have time for daydreaming, no-lifing
and other things I love ^.^
(But thanks to exams I lost some weight!)

Hard time, but at least beautiful winter
and my infatuation for an..opera singer
made this time a little easier xD

Yes, of course during exams session
I always buy too many things
to reveal my pressure...
The famous skeleton tights are
my biggest achievement this time xD

Stradivarius blazer
(OMG they have so many gorgeous blazers *.*)

and hair accessory for hime hairstyle

Today we had a small Lolita meet-up ^_^
As one of Lolitas just came back from China
and had many stories to tell.

Here is her cutest bear in panda outfit
which accompanied us today and...
drank all chocolate!

More pics ^^

Elluin so dark!

And the cutest one :3

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