wtorek, 26 lutego 2013

Dumała's Gentle

Today I started a new course
about Theory and history of music
and thanks to it I have something interesting to post
- A Gentle Creature 
animation by Piotr Dubała
based on Dostoevsky's short story
(we were analyzing music in it).

I used to be a big fan of Dostoevsky..
Well in fact I am still..,
but I try not to read his books too often,
because they have too strong influence on me...
Never mind.
I wanted to post this incredible animation.
It definitely has this thick atmosphere of Dostoevsky's books.

Just silence. And he was too deep in his own feelings and images.
He thought that she would wait. 
Silence was growing.

In fact, I purposely deferred the climax: 
what had happened was meanwhile, 
enough for my peace of mind 
and provided a great number of pictures and materials for my dreams. 
That is what is wrong, that I am a dreamer: 
I had enough material for my dreams, and about her, I thought she could wait.

Two o'clock at night. 
Her little shoes are standing by the little bed, as though waiting for her.... 
No, seriously, when they take her away tomorrow, what will become of me?

Watch it all here.
Read here.

Look at the interesting animation technique -
scratching images into painted plaster.

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