niedziela, 10 lutego 2013

At the old cinema

Today I went to see the dance performance
At the old cinema together with my grandma.
In fact I saw it for the 2nd time xD
(as always I was distributing programs).

I tried to make my outfit look vintage.
Sexy version and elegant version.
I wore 2nd one. 1st is just for fun xD

Now my head is full of old Polish songs...
It is almost impossible to believe how perfect dance 
can bring back times which seemed gone. 
Suddenly the soul of it is back.
This is why I attend so many performances -
this world is not enough.
I need to visit more of them. 
These which already disappeared 
and these which never really existed 
or at least not in such an idealized form. 

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  1. Pierwsza wersja jest zabójcza!