piątek, 24 kwietnia 2015


*Just after two conferences in Poznań*
(the one about Alice was simply perfect),
but my mind is floating somewhere far.
Now the story that I can not stop thinking about
is the story about Claudine
from Riyoko Ikeda's manga.

Claudine- a man born
with female body.
Absolutely perfect man.
Handome, delicate, clever,
smartly dressed.

Tragic story.
Not because of death,
but of its reason.

Claudine thinking
about himself
as about imperfect man,
because of the body
is the saddest think ever. ..

Claudine was the ideal man.
Perfect man that does not exist in reality.

I am suprised that
there is no Takarazuka version!

Claudine is otokoyaku
from a dream.
Could real man
love that much?

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