poniedziałek, 6 stycznia 2014

The Haunted Manor and Coppelia

The New Year was properly started with an opera
The Haunted Manor.

My outfit was dark
for the haunted manor.
Even if this manor was not that scary in fact ;)

One nice old lady said that
I looked like Coppelia.
Best compliment ever
as I really love that ballet.

Btw don't you think that Coppelia
is one of the saddest love story ever written?
And they call it comic ballet.
Franz fell in love with the girl
who showed up to be a doll.
He was forced to come back 
to reality,
his dream was harshly ended.
Castle of Dreams and Rose Twilight
were all at once destroyed
as Kaya sings in his beautiful
song Coppelia.
Is it so comic?

Oh gosh I was supposed to write
about The Haunted Manor
and I finished with Coppelia...

So going back to the main point:
gorgeous Aria with Carillon.
so sad so longing..
Listen to it here sang by an amazing Polish tenor
Piotr Beczała

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