środa, 1 stycznia 2014

My Magic December

Yes, I definitely do love December.
As I probably wrote about it earlier 
this is the month when I fell in love with Gackt
and it lead me into Lolita Fashion
which was probably the best thing that could happen :3
When you add Christmas holidays 
it makes December the best time in all all year
(just snow is missing...)

My December this year was magic
and full of fairy tales :3
It started with Beauty and the beast ice show 3

You can see the preview here :)
It was not completely according my taste
(costumes, production design...),
but still I went home with 
the hunger for Disney tales.

And yes, I watched it again :D

Oh, Beauty and the beast
is one of my favourite tales.
Belle's love for reading and her maladjustment to the world
seem to be very close to me.

My outfit.
Because I dreamed to be
Disney princess when I grow up.

With Imaginary

Of course I wore my Rose promise OP

Other tales?
Well, The Nutcracker of course!
There is no December without ballet.

Our Opera for Xmas

My outfit with diamonds on my lashes
(like snow)
and with candies on my necklace for Sugar Fairy.

Again not everything was perfect in this ballet,
but still I feel completely drown 
in fantasy world.
Drosselmeyer did
his job exactly as he should
and his magic was strong enough
to enchant me
(btw with his long blond hair he looked
like an elf xD).

December was also full of good food
and meet-ups with nice people.

On the small party with my
supersvisor and PhD collegues
I finally tried Chambord liqueur Royale de France!

Now some pics from the meet-up
with Menoa in my fav Aida of course.

Matching wigs and coats

And with Sissi <3

And my best friend again

Time for Christmas!

Finally I have white tree
decorated in gold.

And with my Tracy

Gold tree, my doggy with a gold scarf
and I was also dressed in gold
including my eyeshadow.

Here is most gorgeous card I received 
this year <3

Maybe I will skip 
food spam...
just kutia with almond heart

Fish ala Greque
(I mean soya ala Greque
as I do not eat fish)


No.. enough cakes...
I feel guilty for eating too much this year...

What is more...
well, Hobbit 2 in cinema...
and I finished with elves mode again....
So many things to do... 
*elves stories in progress...*

And watching Price and Prejudice
with my grandma...
Yes, Mr. Darcy obsession again...

Oh let me dip it this world
so calm and full of harmony...

I hate the moment when the year ends..
anyway I can only wish myself
lots of fantasy in the new one :3

If it comes about my resolutions..
well this year was better that ever:

-PhD studies: started
-N3: still no results, but at least tried
-seeing at least one opera abroad: done
-seeing all spectacles in out local opera: almost done
-internship in the opera: done
-gain dream weight:: unbelievable, but done!
(well, I was too lenient for myself so 
the definition of my dream weight has changed xD)
-learn cooking: started!

*like a boss* :D

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