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Nosferatu - multimedia show

Yesterday (at night) I went to see Nosferatu (1922).
It was not a normal show in a cinema,
but with a spatial music and narrator.
Read here (in Polish)

My outfit from today
First time wearing KuroLoli


The theater in which it took place
was situated in the basement of a cafe.
This is how the surrounding looked like *.*

I could not resist a temptation
to take some pics.

My fav.
I look like a vampire XD

And inside.
(bad light...)

The movie was presented in a small bricked room 
with a barrel vault and very soft couches.
All the place, the late hour
made a perfect start.
Then it was only better.
There was many instruments and sintetizadors,
but when cello joined I was just taken somewhere
 inside black-white images of the movie.
I caught myself floating inside the story instead of following the movie's plot. 
Of course there was a few times
when I thought about (my dearest) Lestat.
He would enjoy the music for sure,
but occasionally burst into laugh as well XD
(Yes... in the middle of the 'eye and ear fest'
I thought about it during watching XD).

A sample here^^
Well I want some more.

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