niedziela, 10 czerwca 2012

Fleur and Sleeping beauty ballet

Today is my birthday^^
And here is my birthday present from myself XD
Her name is Fleur.

In fact the story is a little more complicated.
Every time I go to work I pass by an antique shop
and once on a display I saw a gorgeous doll.
I loved her since the first sight XD
And I named her Fleur.
Somehow inspired by this song
- the story about Pierrot who fell in love with the doll named Fleur.
It also suited to the fact that I dream 
about having a big porcelain dolls collection
and all of them would be named after flowers.
(Fleur means a flower in French).

Yesterday I went to buy the doll,
but the shop was closed..
so I did it today
-seems it was supposed to happen on the day of my birthday.
From now on I want to have a big porcelain dolls collection^^
I promised that Seimu will be my only dollfie,
but Fleur is a sign that is a high time to start collecting porcelain dolls.

I bought her before work
so then we could play with photos in the shop where I work.
(photos taken by mobile...)

And taken at home

She seems quite old
and her clothes are a little dirty, 
but it makes her even more precious.

To make birthday more amazing
I watched Sleeping beauty ballet.
It was performed by Paris Opera
and choreographed by Noureev 
(after Petipa of course).

This is exactly the kind of ballet I adore to my heart's content.
The fairy tale motif, a classical technique, the high level of dancing,
sophisticated costumes and stage design.
There is no better fairy tale adaption than using ballet.
Ballet and fairy tales are just a perfect couple.

Felling into sleep
(can it be showed better?)


Blue bird dancing with Florine

And gorgeous, perfect
(made me crying)
wedding pas de deux

Both Manuel Legris and Aurelie Dupont are fantastic,
but frankly speaking I can not put in words what 
I feel when I watch Aurelie dancing.
She is not a normal dancer, she is an ideal prima ballerina
with all this mysticism the word is packed with.
She is just a present for the world.

Watch at least pas de deux
to feel what real (imo)
beauty is *.*

3 komentarze:

  1. Piękna laleczka:_)Sama ma w domu podobne kilka.A ten ballet,ach...Te kostiumy,scena to wszystko,aż olśniewa(haha nawet mi się zrymowało).

  2. Cóż za niesamowita gracja... szkoda tylko, że kiedy widzę takie piękności, taki idealnie wdzięczny ruch, czuję się jak słonica :<

  3. Ja też... ale dobrze, że można chociaż oczy nacieszyć^^