niedziela, 14 września 2014

Ballet, Warsaw, farewell party and seven league boot

So Japan is closer and closer.
Almost everything is ready
and I am getting nervous as..  :)

The only medicine 
that was working for it is ballet so

at home

and classes
(selfie before class in changing room);
I really took lots of classes this summer.

Preparations lasted so long.
Making me even more nervous.
I even had to go to Warsaw twice
for my visa.
But in fact I used it as a good starting point
for some sightseeing and meeting friends.

1. Chopin's museum

This museum is amazing.
You can really feel Chopin.
Simply set sail in his world-
world full of music.

I especially enjoyed sailing
on the nocturne's place :3

And dinner with my friend from Warsaw

Second time:
Royal Łazienki museum
with lots of squirrels

In theater

Then we went to gorgeous Wedel cafe

And big bouquet of lilies
was there!

My latest activity are also farewell parties

with my friends in Aida

Bye bye Cracow
with my fav marizpan-nougat Mozart Torte
and hot chocolate

Btw my hair is dark brown again

And with my Phd team

I am really satisfied with this mature elegant look

My cafe with advocat

and Seven league boot.
I received it for a quick and safe journey <333
So cute <333

So my plans for Japan?
Study hard.
Collect lots of academic materials.
Do not get too nostalgic.
Stretch regularly (and tendu, plie, releve xD).
Do not get lost
(well... this is impossible xD).
Believe that a dream coming true can be 
more beautiful than a dream itself
(this is what I am mostly afraid of..)

I will probably do not use blog 
for this time (or rarely),
but see you on fbk and instagram :)

Time to put on my seven league boot and go.

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