niedziela, 23 marca 2014

Cooking, cooking, cooking :3

As you already know I got crazy 
with cooking lately :3
To not spam with food all the time:
all in one post :D

with spinach

with broccoli

they were made for my friends

Sponge cake 
for my Grandma

Now a few dinners

Chocolate pancakes with
mascarpone and rose marmalade
and strawberries <3

Spinach gnocchi with
soya goulash

Aubergine with couscous and mozarella

Macaroni casserole
with spinach (yes, I am addicted to spinach)
and blue cheese

And something for breakfast:
strawberry french toast
with nutella
(I didn't have toast bread
so they didn't turn out that good-looking,
but yummy :3 )

For the end:
tart with mascarpone and strawberries.
This one was made for the 'party hard'
with my best friend
(matching coffee liqueur made by her mom),
but it was probably my biggest cooking failure
so far...
The creme was not chilled enough,
because I did it on the last moment..
I used different recipe for the tart dough
and well...
Anyway it at last looks pretty nice :3

4 komentarze:

  1. Z jakiego przepisu zrobiłaś muffiny? Ślicznie wyrosły *_*

  2. Przepis najprostszy :)

  3. O matko boska, a ja na diecie. Ale bym to wszystko pochłonęła xD