poniedziałek, 2 grudnia 2013

What's new up here?

Oh, I do not like such a delay on my blog..
JLPT, two conferences and lots of other things stood on my way.
So quick summary, because I like keeping things in order.

What I bought lately?
Not that many and almost no clothes (sic!)
In fact more books and cosmetics.
Yeah, Meow cosmetics :D
My all collection :3 Including my first bronzer.

a bun net
My fav hairstyle right now

And finally biiig practical bag from Parfois

And dead ballerina!
This toy is really crazy xD

My fav place lately
Aida cafe (this cafe from Vienna!)
is opened in Cracow.
I can not believe it!
My dream came true :3
My little Vienna.
Sissi portrait is even hanging there.

My current love
David Hallberg <3
The American ballet dancer 
currently engaged in Bolshoi (!) theater
New Prince in my collection :D

Current obsession
Well... an aromatherapy :D
Started it before JLPT to get relaxed 
and feel more and more crazy about it :3
My lovely fireplace fragrance with angels.

Currently adored song

I listened to it in an early morning when I was going to Warsaw 
for my Japanese exam.
It was still dark and trees were full of birds.
Their voices mixed with the song
and I couldn't even distinguish them
from the song's sounds.
Suddenly something completely new was created.
The song became my own memory. My own call.

The voice of temptation whispers at your ear
The sound of fear upsets your heart
The innumerable shadows you can see change into different shapes around you -
around this gloomy place
The voice of temptation whispers at your ear - the sound of fear ...

Spread your invisible wings at the moment you fly away
This false jail collapes and takes in the stillness around you

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