poniedziałek, 4 listopada 2013

Baroque Lady, chocolate and Requiem

Oh so many things to write...
All Penderecki's festival behind me
and not even word about it here..
All because well..

Yeah, my doctorate study xD
Time, free time, where are you xD

I have not even written Happy BDay for
my beloved Oscar Wilde.
But well we celebrated it of course
with absinthe...
or rather absinthe chocolate :D
Be yourself, everyone else is taken, right xD

As for today we connected
the pleasure of life
(hot chocolate)
with the reflection about death
(Verdi's requiem).

Such a lovely place from this cafe...
and my Baroque Lady OP for the first time :3

2 komentarze:

  1. Gratuluję przyjęcia na studia doktoranckie :) Ślicznie wyglądasz na ostatnim zdjęciu, masz cudowne loki oraz fantastyczną sukienkę! :)