piątek, 18 lutego 2011

Why do I love Vincent Nightray so much?

Why do I love Vincent so much?
I don't intend to characterize Vincent. Other people had already made it perfectly before me.
I want to write why I love such psychopatic and misantopic person so much.

Maybe my love for him is as freak and mad as he is himself. He just put me into a cage and I am blind. 
Even if I like fancy myself a princess I want to be a toy in Vincent's hands. 
I was in love with manga character many times before, but this time is kind of obsession.
I am just one of many women who are broken hearted by him for his own lust and in a name of hatred for women in general.

Maybe step by step.
- he is very beautiful with his blond long hair and aristocratic clothes. He has heterochromia, what makes his eyes even more awesome. Just imagine looking in these eyes.
They are so gently, so delicate. Even a glance of his violence can't be seen in them.
The same with his smile. Absolutely charming. It makes him wound all women around his finger. But this smile is false. It always has a special purpose.
No matter what terrible he would do for me I would fall into his arms just by one this smile of him.

- he seems very well- behaved with his politely way of speaking like a real prince. Despite the fact that he is only an adopted child of aristocratic family. He is adopted but well... his past makes him more appealing. Imagine Vincent as a weak bullied boy who was sold to freak show by his own mother.

- he seems to be such good man, but anyone who has gotten to know him better understands the real way he is. But this true Vincent is the reason why he fascinates me so much. 
This smile and pretty words are just a lie. But I dream to be lied by him.
I love a metaphor with musical instrument that I read in one fanfiction.
Yes I want to be his violin. So he could play beautifully on me. The melody would be incredibly beautiful and deeply sad.

- his habit of cutting toys. It gives me creeps. Maybe beacuse I love toys so much. He cuts them with scissors, but he doesn't allow anyone to throw them away (he still loves them somehow?). In fact he doesn't want maid to enter his room at all (such possesive). In spite of his sadism he is still very childish (and in the same time clever)
He is absolutely innocent. He just really needs to torture someone from time to time. It doesn't matter if they are toys or people. It's just the same. They should obey him. And still he doesn't seem to be at fault at all.

- I adore all his small habits. He falls asleep uncontrollably (it has some explanation thought). He never makes order in his room. He loves to make Echo sit on his laps. He is noisy. All this things Echo called annoying. I love them all. 

- he is violent. He tried to hit his servant Echo once and did it the the next time. She made him angry. 
Let's quote Anberlin's song "There's someone inside me that softly kills everyone around". Why do I find it appealing? I absolutely don't know. His relationship with Echo really thrills me (this scene with poison OMG) and I can't explain it. I always loved characters with distorted psycho, but this time I am attracted way too much.

Please don't hate Vincent for the way he is. Try to understand him, but don't dare to feel pity for him.
Don't call him a harmed child with a past. He is proud Vincent sama above all. 

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  1. not only you love him... but it's just because i'm like him... sadist, i love bunnies, scissors( but knifes is good too ..) and i'm absolutly not normal...

  2. So it is more easy to understand that you like him... but I am not a masochistic... but Vincent is so fascinating... I can not explain it...