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The Princess and the Goblin

A few days ago I watched The princess and the Goblin after so many years.
That was my favourite tale when I was a child. I watched it over and over again.

I asked my mother to call me Irene. 
I was afraid that goblins will come to me. 
I dreamed of magic thread.
Oh and I loved princess Irene's pink dress^^ I even remember how much I liked her drawers (who knew this time that I will also wear such stuff in the future^^).
I even tried to do tiara similar to the one she had...

I think this outfit was a component which build the image of princess in my head.
Pink dress and violet/ dark blue (it looks different in every scene of the movie) cape. I will have to try to enrich my closet to something similar♥.
Yees now through Lolita Fashion I can realize my childhood dreams.

As I read now the cartoon is based on the novel by George MacDonald.
This is what I have found!
Jeffrey Holdaway writing in New Zealand Art Monthly said that both books start out as “normal fairytales but slowly become stranger”, and that they contain layers of symbolism similar to that of Lewis Carroll’s work.

Must read as soon as possible!

For the end this is a song A Spark Inside Us which plays important role in the story (music itself has a magic power^^). It is not the original English song, but dubbed in Polish, but this is how I have heard it in my childhood.

One interesting conclusion.
It has to say something about me that as a child my idol was brave, playful maybe even a little prankish Irene who has set off on a journey (magic one but still very real) and now she has given up her place in my heart to the strange Alice lost in her own Wonderland... 

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